An autodidact artist, and since then always passionate by painting. Born in Paris, I now live since 1992 in the Netherlands. After an international commercial career, I decided to launch myself in a new adventure, which held me with heart since my youth: to share my passion for horses and to communicate emotions and feelings by painting. It was at the time of an artist contest where I was awarded the public price and after having lived through some exceptional personal experiences in my life that I decided to seize the chance that was offered to me: to share my passion and my emotions with other people via my artistic work. What a pleasure to be able to exchange with the people the things that are so personal and yet so universal like passion, power, grace,  sensitivity and  tenderness...


For me, painting horses means painting the beauty of the animal but also and more specifically, to paint a feeling and an attitude. I seek to give a soul to my work. The horse communicates with us, it inspires us, it affects us and it touches us profoundly by offering an immense pallet of feelings to us.


As for the Carnival of Venice, the colours, the material of its costumes but especially the mysterious and secret side inspires me. Behind these costumes, which are presented to us, one can imagine all the history and the culture of these people who are crazy about beauty. Even in disguise one must be beautiful or at least become it. The mystery of these masks with their fixed expression, where the glance is the only access door to the heart, gives sometimes shivers of intrigue or amazement.


I chose a particular technique of acrylic painting on suede. This support puts in evidence the character of the tissue and gives a three dimensional impression to it. The suede represents the skin of the horse and the refraction of light accentuates its reflections and its expression.




Carine Meunier